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Scroopy Noopers Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “good high. great for chilling on your day off and watching some TV”

  • “Loving it, the earthy, piney, slightly coffee/cacao taste makes the first draw taste amazing with very neat exhale flavors. I actually use this one during the day/later day since it can be a nice level of relaxing/pain relief/but without the overly tiredness. Just don't smoke to to much or it will turn slightly more sedative(i find that with any strain really tho)”

  • “Wow, cool looking buds. Looks galatic to me. Anyway, this took me on a ride from energetic to plop on the couch in a couple of hours. Good for pain, anxiety, insomnia, and creativity.”

  • “Picked some up from Mindful. When I smelt it I was like wow cuz it smelt like a darker G.s. Cookies. And... that is one of my favorite strains. It smoked like a indica dominant cookie. I’m High-ly recommending this one. Great for pain n spasms n watching some major lazor 🥥🤙🏻”