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SFV Dog Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This is the first strain I tried after getting my mmj card; I consider SFV Dog to be my 1st love of mmj! This is my favorite strain by far! It's very strong, but absolutely NO paranoia whatsoever! I'd recommend this more for day medicating, but after a couple hours, I slept well, just a great strain all the way around!”

  • “great strain especially if you have depression, makes you feel euphoric and relaxed. Try and be positive”

  • “SFV Dog is quickly becoming a staple strain for me. Between the mellow citrus flavors that aren't overwhelmed by earthiness, and its ability to take me from an ADD mess to the fost mocused I've ever been (no, really, this strain CRUSHES Attention Deficit), I'll be picking this strain up frequently. As a note, the sample I got was potent, testing at over 28% thc. Be careful with this one, as it's possible to overd...”

  • “I was surprised in a variety of ways by this potent strain. With the cheese-like aroma to the bright frosting of crystals on the buds, the flower form is notably powerful and left me too baffled to play Batman. The taste was rather mellow and I found myself coughing considerably less than usual. The stoney head high is very relaxing and comforting, though I can't say it's anxiety-calming after a day's use. It helped ...”

  • “Beautifully pungent skunky yet sweet aroma. The taste is savory with a pine background and a lasting after taste that brings you right into the woods the initial body feel was very relaxed and calm. My mind transcended into creativity yet not rushing or overwhelming. Just a lazy and gentle ease that freed my mind from everything else but intellectual thinking. The stress of the day just melted away. Zero paranoia...”

  • hi2

    “Yow! Powerful.... Honestly, borders on the psychedelic. Vaped it in the evening and found it relaxing. Great way to shift your consciousness. I'll have to try it upon awaking to see if the effects change. Very special cannabis.”

  • “If this is in your Dispensaries, try some. Personally one of my favorite go to meds that's been steady. Worth a Jimmy fart or 2 no doubt”

  • “I call this strain “Mind Eraser” as you will forget your name on this. Great night time med to relax and watch a movie without a care in the world. Not a good med to focus or do thought related tasks on. Very good choice for pain and insomnia.”