SFV OG Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “🌲..My new hybrid wake 'n bake LuvBud!..she's soo UpCalmEuphoricFocusedRelaxed..no aches or pain this AM!..Feeling Motivated & Energetic, ready to Go!!💚..&Amazing relief for my Chronic Fatigue..A lovely Sativa-Start with a Very Kind, Indica-Ideal Finish!..Luv the piney-pungent taste..A Perfect Daytime Buzz I recommend to All my Canna-Friends😍..Enjoy!!”

  • “Definitely a 5 star OG strain, probably one of my favorites next to "True OG". San Francisco Valley OG is always extremely potent and very very good with huge dense nugs with a very very pungent smell. Great for Pain, Depression, Anxiety & Spasms, definitely a must smoke strain!”

  • “Great for pain without feeling too stoned! Excellent for stress and depression! Goes well with watching Cannabis documentaries while enjoying a mineral water with a fresh slice of organic lime!”

  • “My roommate and I smoked this the other day and after my first hit, first of all I was coughing quite a bit, but secondly, I was instantly feeling it hit. Everything below my neck started to go numb and time slowed to a snails pace. The potency on this is quite high in my opinion, and I'm sure this is a great strain for pain relief and relaxation. I had a bit of anxiety on the way up this time, but every time before ...”

  • “Vaporized in a Da Buddah, heat setting 1:00 position. I had a terrible migraine yesterday which led to vomitting and tea and crackers as the only thing I could eat. Today, the left over pain and still lingering migraine have left me at home and sick. I just vaped a bowl of this and feel so much better. My pain had lessened, my muscles have relaxed releasing muscle spasms. Most notably my jaw hasn't been locked in ...”

  • “I've smoked vaped eaten 300+ plus strains and remember them all and this one right here takes my personal #1 spot! I really only smoke ocean grown strains and yet this one blows the big named strains out of my stash spot! I see a good batch I empty my pockets and yell take me money!!!!”

  • “Yes!!! SFV OG is a pretty hard hitting bud. Husband has a hard time admitting he's buzzed, and this one got him to say yep, I feel it. Probably not the best strain for going to sleep, but if you smoke enough you can end up vertical.”

  • “Awesome! A very nice cool high. Made me feel really social and energetic. I was high in Starbucks and was able to hold pretty decent conversations with some of the people. It also made me feel confident.”