Sharksbreath Reviews

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  • “I was like,"lemme hit that. Tryin to get faded, son." And then babygirl was like,"Don't call me son." Then upon toke on this fantastic strain, I experienced a moderate "classic high" with a lot of deep relaxation similar to a really expensive ass shiatsu massage afterglow. Got a little thirsty but didn't want to move. Asked bae to bring up some water and got my hydrate on. Apologized to babygirl for calling her "son....”

  • “I really liked this stuff i have depression and anxiety and this stuff helped me alot!!”

  • “DNA Genetics has created this award-winning strain by crossing Great White Shark and Jamaican Lambsbread (said to be Bob Marley´s favourite ganja). These frosty, yellow/green buds have a sweet and sour earthy nose. Giving the buds a squeeze & sniff yields more pungent, candied fruit. As you would expect from it's great parentage, the smoke is solidly potent with amazing taste and flavour. It burns clean and is ...”

  • “Im wrinting while im High. Shark breath is cool is like a lil explosion in the beginning but then it gets you mellow...You get that dry sensation in the eyes but is like if you were a little girl watching punnies and rainbow and bright grassland but with a mellow sensation of hush stunned overwhelmed astonish shocked because of the bright grassland (not literally... Maybe) lol... is cool should try”

  • “This strain shows the clear influence of its very opposite parents. There is a very nice relaxing body to this buzz but there's an even greater floaty and happy head high. I find it quite easy to be socially engaged and I'm also quite clear headed. I very much recommend Sharksbreath for almost any activity or time or day. A perfect balance and a great time.”

  • “I have to say im quite impressed with this strain because i feel very happy and i can still think and still feel high and relieved and it helps me sleep a bit”

  • “Very mellow, calm, laid back, great for watching a movie or tv. listening to music. I took it for sleep and it helped with sleep quite a bit. I would save this for evening. Also good for getting that "loving feeling". This strain has very little smell and the smoke is pretty mild in flavor and smell. The high hits you right of the bat in head and body alike.”

  • “honestly its my favorite strain had a migrain for the first time in months couple hits of sharks brearth gone i felt grate and was able to fall asleep. woke up feeling grate (couple more hits) feelin even grater!”