Shiatsu Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “The overall story behind this is wonderfully overdone. The drama intense (isn't most weed bred in secret?), the local color beautiful (I can see the peasant farmers, growing weed on a mountain side in Japan), and the promised therapeutic effect somewhat ambiguously specific (direct relief at shiatsu points). The high, fortunately, lives up to the hype. It is effective for pain, for me. It is an indica high, with...”

  • “Spectacular! I purchased this at Sativa Sisters in Spokane Valley, WA due to its body high potential and I must say that is has become one of my favorite highs. The flavor profile is varied from sweet-rosie to earthy-nutty and it was a very pleasant experience. I literally cleaned my entire house the first time I used this product, cooked dinner, smoked some more, did dishes, smoked some more, wrote, smoked more a...”

  • “My favorite Indica, by far. Very relaxing, mellow high. Great for Anxiety, Insomnia, Stress, Appetite Stimulation, and Depression. Hits hard, but slow. Maybe 10 minutes or so. Only thing that works for my Anxiety/Insomnia. HIGHLY recommended! Couch-lock.”

  • “What a lovely mistress. Like a first kiss in a forest of pine trees. She flowed under my skin and whispered in my ear : "everything will be ok". Her scent left a lasting smile on my face. Free of pain, she left me ready to wrestle with the wolves once more. A lovely strain, and a wonderful experience. Thank you, Novel Tree.”

  • “I smoked this a few days back and so I'm having issued describing it to a T. I don't usually like it when the couch eats my ass but this strain wasn't as bad as most Kush's are for me. I didn't really want to do anything but I felt so happy in my head that I didn't care. A great sit down with a snack and movie weed!”

  • “First time trying a high CBD strain. Stuff I got from The Novel Tree is 7.5% CBD and 6% THC. It is magical! Not a Freaked Out and Fried high, an extremely relaxing "I am on a cloud... my thoughts are clouds... we will ascend to the stars together" kind of high. My favorite night time snack. Highly recommend.”

  • “Amazing strain for depression and anxiety. Also helps with pain and muscle cramps. Very uplifting and euphoric, but also relaxing. Not really a couch-lock effect on me, I was still very functional. Excellent strain.”

  • “Oh Shiatsu Kush...I smoked this before taking a nice hot shower. It crept up on me, and bam! It was a complete heady effect for a while. Then I watched TV for a while; the couch lock struggle was real. I did feel pretty jittery for awhile, and my heart was pounding like crazy, but once I laid down to sleep it started to calm down. Definitely an extremely potent strain.”