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Loved it! For those that don't know, CBD will not give you the same high like something heavy on thc would. It does give you a "head change" type of feeling, but only for about 5-15mins, and it's sort of like the "thc" effects, but after, you're just very relaxed, in body and in mind. Not a couch lock, but it works for aches, pains, positive thinking (I have major depressive disorder) and headaches. I've also have gotten a little too high and did a bowl of this and it brought the paranoid effect away, for the most part, I still felt it but with each passing minute, I felt better. And that's what this does, it completely mellows you out, and allows to get things done if you need to. And it helps control my blood sugar. I can be at 128,smoke a few bowls of this, and it can low, like 100 or somewhere in the middle of that. I'm still testing that, but I'm happy.
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  • Euphoric
  • Focused
  • Relaxed
  • Uplifted

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