Shurman #7

Shurman #7

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Shurman #7 by Solstice won Best CBD Flower at the 2017 Dope Cup in Seattle, WA. This phenomenal strain was a happy accident brought forth from the phenotypes created from Solstice’s highest THC strains, Blueberry Cheesecake and The White. Possessing a surprisingly robust terpene profile for a CBD-dominant strain, Shurman #7 expresses sweet and savory notes that coat the palate. Shurman #7 has a 2:1 CBD/THC ratio and was named after the cofounder's dog, friend, and companion, Shurman. 

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  • 1. Earthy
  • 2. Pine
  • 3. Sweet

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“This soothing strain had a pleasant, relaxing body high without leaving you locked to a couch. My mind felt calm and relaxed, but clear and functional. The aroma was a sweet, earthly, slightly floral scent. The batch i smoked had a 14.2% CBD to 9.1% THC ratio. I would definitely smoke this again, anytime of day.”

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“I had this as a concentrate. Nice golden color, sticky, has a nice smooth piney taste, relaxing and great pain relief benefits from the high Cbd ratio. I enjoyed the settle creeping in feeling while watching a movie.”


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