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Sierra Mist Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Great sativa-dominant hybrid. You feel the cerebral effects immediately after hitting this bud. Honestly smells just like the soda does, such lemon-limey goodness :) Didn't hurt my throat and tastes just like it smells from a clean bowl. I bought a zip for $180 from Patients in Mind in Sacramento (steal of a deal) and though it was a bit stemmy (hence the deal), it was definitely some fire top shelf. Posted a picture...”

  • “is very strange in taste”

  • “Best shit I've smoked in a long time !!! Good fucking shit I'm telling you hahaha. It makes you very active tho so more on the sativa side. Smoked 2 hits from the bong, got littt fuckkkk Hahsg.. lol good shit man”

  • “Beautiful uplifting plant with a pleasant taste and it smokes real smooth you know what I'm saying its some good shit!!!!!!!!”

  • “Rarely stumble upon this flower. Smoke is great, higher is even better. Very relaxing and thought provoking.”

  • “my favorite strand by far in a long ass time! I never leave reviews or even brag about the bud I get... but this strand is F-ing incredible! gives you an amazing head high like a good sativa should but also relaxes your body like a good indica should. it's the best of both weed worlds. everybody needs to try it. okay gotta go, on my way to buy more ;)”

  • “Probably my favorite taste wise. I find it to be distinctively earthy actually.”

  • “very nice weed.. a couple of bowls and i was high as fuck...this strain makes me so happy”