Silver Cindy

Silver Cindy

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Colorado Seed Inc. brings speedy effects and excessive trichome production to market with Silver Cindy, the hybrid cross of Silver Back and Rebel God Smoke. With stimulating effects and heady potency, this strain offers the consumer an aggressive sativa experience that lends itself to athletes, laborers, and outdoorsy types. As with Rebel God Smoke, this strain can be overstimulating for some, so mind your dosage. 

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“Silver Cindy is a potent sativa-dominant strain that launched me to the stars with the first exhale. Very smooth smoke with no cough. A two-hour period elapsed from the time I medicated until I began to gently come down and I was not tired or lethargic afterward. This strain has bag appeal; this batch anyway. The nugs are dense, a light green with a lot of white, with orange hairs and a dusting of what looks like ...”