Silver Surfer Reviews

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  • “This is the best strain I've ever smoked. Normally, I'm too paranoid to drive within about 4 or 5 hours of smoking, but when it's Silver Surfer, I could drive a fucking plane under a bridge without breaking a sweat. If you get the chance, smoke a fat bowl of this shit and you'll see where I'm coming from. By far the most purely positive pot experience I've had. This is my first and (probably) only review on Leafly. I...”

  • “This strain just works for me. The past 3 days I was up at 3:30 a.m. to drive into work 11 hour days and having a bowl of Silver Surfer each morning helped me work more focused and efficiently. It's definitely more effective as a wake and bake strain than later in the day (for me). The other nice thing is that I feel a long lasting uplifting mild euphoria that doesn't seem to affect my eyes and mouth, so while I feel...”

  • “amazing in every way”

  • “numb-stoner reviews SILVER SURFER, from CPA/Nuggetry ---------------------------------- Smell: Musky citrus cheese.Essentially, if you want to know the smell, imagine what it would be like if you threw super silver haze and kali mist in the same jar. Buzz: It's a good sativa dominant buzz. You're going to get some indica effects if you smoke a lot of it. It's a very happy, talkative, and calm buzz. One ...”

  • “A really good, solid come on. Immediate kush-like sensory accentuation. Music sounds great! Vision is much narrower, almost too shallow depth of field. Again, has that kush-like cinematic vibe, so a net improvement despite heavy, stoner lids. Mental space is this pocket of willful clarity that’s surprisingly functional; perfectly able to think and work when considering how crazy high it makes you feel. Speaking of wh...”

  • “My new favorite strain. Very relaxing with a nice euphoric high. Gonna go get more today!”

  • “I Definitely recommend Smoke Time for a low budget but high intake smoker. the Silver surfer was the nicest of all. put me in a nice relaxed mood as well as had me motivated to do more”

  • “Straight to the head. Great for morning and day use as it gives me the energy to do things and doesn't over relax me. Highly recommend this strain...”