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Silverfalls Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Originally grown by Stoned Chicken Ranch Silverfalls kush was developed for locals in the area but grew fast in popularity with surrounding dispensary's. Selected for its pain killing abilities and growth characteristics Silverfalls grows tall with a heavy yield and finishes early in the outdoor season making it highly sought after for colder climates. The high is right down the middle with this one with half of user...”

  • “great strain for pain relief her parents are big bud afghani kush (aka afghan big bud) and medicine woman. this strain hits hard whether it's grown indoors or out”

  • “Great strain, tasted good. Small green nugs, slightly sweet taste. Would recommend.”

  • “It was sweet and smooth with a stable indica and sativa blend. Tastes like a mellow pineapple tinge and a woody under tone, with a deep sweet aroma!”

  • “I came up with all of my million dollar ideas with this stuff”