Sin Valley OG Reviews

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  • “Got this at Old Toby in Chehalis, WA. See pictures and detailed reviews on my blog the Aging Ent's Tastings -- Brand: Liberty Reach Strain: Sin Valley OG Kush Balanced Hybrid--Potency Analysis: TTL 24.2% THC 23.8% CBD 0.4% --Cost: $15/gram-- It's not often that a basically perfectly balanced marijuana falls into your hands. Yeah, that's how I'm starting this review out. I've smoked lots of Liberty Reach and Jackpot...”

  • “Great aroma and super clean high!! At 30% THC pretty euphoric high!!”

  • “One of my favorite ogs was super happy to hear they had this and a few other strains at dispensaries in Vegas. The smell is super potent and rock hard frosty body. Great for relaxing after a long day or for sleep. Truly sticky icky in all good ways. Taste amazing in joints. Lasts all the way thru. Sinfully amazing”

  • “This is a fascinating strain. You can achieve so many different goals like trying to sleep, creativity, euphoria and pain relief all by how much of the flower you smoke. I know that sounds a little silly because that can occur with any strain. The best analogy I can give is think of strains as colors. You smoke a green strain. The more you smoke the greener you feel. With Sin Valley OG it does not matter what color y...”

  • “This strain definitely gets the job done after a long day at work.”

  • “I'm not personally a fan of the taste of this strain, but the effects are a perfect balance of sativa and indica. You get the head high first and it slowly trickles down into your shoulders, chest and arms. It's a throbbing numbness throughout your body. Didn't make me sleepy, but didn't keep me up either. Good strain for watching serious dramas.”

  • “If what you seek is relaxing, creative, or body soothing; this is for you. Whether it be musical, artistic, linguistic, or visually; this strain will boost it. I love it for when I need motivation to paint.”

  • “Loved this strain perfect for a nice sunny day”