SinMint Cookies Reviews

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  • “Hitting this again for the second time, high impacts of Euphoria, and pain numbing hits not only my joints but inside my bones. This is a veteran strain fer sure. If you need to be knocked out be pre-paired to be couch locked. Ultra top shelf nugs, these dank nuggeteers pack a powerful punch since blue power is crossed with this strain its incredibly heavy. Dry eyes more than mouth, but mega chill and social. Absolut...”

  • “It had been a long, stressful day, which also included the big heavy trash barrel tipping over twice while I was rolling it out to the curb. This triggered back pain and muscle spasms from trying to catch it and lift it back upright without dumping all the contents. Sin mint cookies is sort of sweet with a mix of earthy pine and mint. It had sticky green buds with lots of orange. Nice smooth mild hits from an ice bon...”

  • “Tried this out today and I was - well medicated ! Tight buds, the strain that I have is nearly 28% THC ..... Kicks ass! Does not disappoint! From BaM”

  • “OMG! I have excruciating cramps, but 1 toke of SinMint Cookies and I am crampfree & floating on top of the world. I've been unfortunately been popping Motrins all day and they did nothing! I also want to thank the young lady who helped me. I didn't get her name, but I truly appreciated her compassion(& knowledge)towards me as a patient. Plus I bought 2 prerolls & got 1 free.”

  • “I posted the background pic it's Great hybrid strain from Altitude Organic haven't seen a test from yet but looks good, smells great and smokes smooth”

  • “702 really came through with this super charged strain. with its confusing smell and luring hue you can't help but gravitate towards these bids. the tricromes are so big and plenty you can see your reflection. it's peppery and minty scent reminded me of the inside of my mama's purse.”

  • “Very nice! Test results show THC is 13%, but seem much stronger because effects are good! very recommended”

  • “Nice hybrid. Not real potent. I tore through a half-gram of shatter over the course of several hours. Pleasant buzz.”