Skunk No. 1 Reviews

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  • “A lot of people here seem to think that the strain is no longer the same as it used to be. They claim that the skunk no. 1 that they smoked in the 1990s was far superior to the skunk no. 1 that they recently tried. Sure, maybe that's the case. But it has nothing to do with there being an "old" skunk no. 1 and a new skunk no. 1. While some unscrupulous seed banks and breeders may have tried to recreate the strain or ...”

  • “Just a fantastic strain, this is the classic that has been around since the 70s. It is another personal favorite, always a crowd pleaser and just wonderfully pungent. Can't ever go wrong with the Skunk#1 (from Holland).”

  • “I first tried this strain in Amsterdam years ago. That is still the best sativa experience ever. It was also some of the highest quality weed I've ever experienced. Everything was more interesting and vibrant. I've found this strain at several places since then and it's still on my top five list. The sample I'm reviewing is light-medium green with light brown hairs. Needed magnification to see the crystals. Smells m...”

  • “Hello from Moscow, Russia:)) Strain is great, as for me more indica, maybe 80/20 :) Kills from one-two hits from the bong;)) Definitely not the the 'morning type', because if you smoke it - the rest of your day will be somehow ruined - u'll be chilling in your sofa with a lot of candies, cat, and laptop:)”

  • “Holy crap is this girl wonderful! I used to smoke this way back in the day, early 90s, and it has only gotten better over the years! Very nice body feel and mood elevator in this girl! Super smell and taste that lingers after smoking. Like the name implies, people will be able to tell you have been smoking.. she STINKS!”

  • bml

    “Very mellowing high, not the heady euphoric high. Perfect for my depression and stress.”

  • “The best weed I ever smoked was Skunk #1. I got it in a small koffee shop in Amsterdam. It was at the top of their list and they only had one bag left. Incredibly sticky nugs and very strong smell (skunky - go figure). We only smoked a small bowl but got blazed. Spent the rest of the afternoon baked and walking around Amsterdam. Follow up experiences over the next couple of days were just as good. Very uplifting and ...”

  • “If you smoked Skunk 1 and say stick with the hazes then you undoubtedly didn't get to smoke the true old school skunk1 as the true skunk 1 is superior to all strains in flavor, power and overall quality! I disagree with anyone that says haze is better had the more modern skunk 1 as the old school strain is extinct for the most part!”