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Skunky Diesel Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Another first chalked up on my long list of strains which im sure will only grow longer. Skunky Diesel smells just like it sounds. You got your main diesel, and it just so happens to be a little skunky. Green buds with some darker leaves on them. I was expecting more of an indica buzz from the description but on the first hit it immediatley shot into my brain. It wasn't necessarily euphoric but a very strongly stimul...”

  • “Hits you hard after smoked. Smells so nice and tastes great!”

  • “Relax. Contemplate. Let the thoughts come and go. All is good--sounds enhanced, calm euphoria, explore your mind. Tensions and anxitities recede with a heavy head. Skunky Deisel airlines is now boarding flight 420 for Chillville.”

  • “Makes me incredibly confused!!! AHH!”

  • “BHO - Concentrate Tastes amazing, great high, a little paranoid at higher end of buzz.”

  • “skizunk chizunk. Fine strain for chiily ouy man. cooked a bowl, had to do some errands, made it much better. Back to cook some chizow. check this one out. good times good food good budd”

  • “Very light esp if you do like 2 bong rips or a quarter of a joint . I feel it in my face and body and I smoked after I ate and wanted to be active , so it's definitely good for a wake and bake or things you may need to concentrate on”

  • “Very strong smoke, expands in the lungs, definitely not for beginners. You will start feeling the effects of this strain within the second hit. Short body high with a long head high.”