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Snow Diesel Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “When I smelled it at Hi Cascade Waldport it reminded me of the first time I heard the word 'dank' referring to cannabis. This was the smell associated with the words "Dank Weed". This is the Dank!! It very well might be the Dank we have all been looking for. Good smoking experience, starts slowly with sativa effects and then quickly intensifies with excitement, smiles, and munchies (controllable). Would recommend for...”

  • “Let's start with the smell of this strain , fucking OD. Typical diesel smell, but then you get the over powering nuance of the sweet and sour flavors that comes from this hybrid diesel strain. Smoking it as flowers it has a great sweet taste and smooth smoke. The high is uplifting , heavy , but surprisingly clear . This a strain that I've never heard get any hype but if I walked into a dispensary I'd be asking if the...”

  • “Which Dont I like”

  • “2.5 Weak high while looking nice and frosty. Its likes a race car with no engine. Should have totally gotten my money back”

  • “Not bad for an after work toke with friends ,didn't relax me a whole lot but did give me the munch face like you can't believe with a of the gigs 👍👍 if your a sativa lover ,you'll enjoy this with company 😆”

  • “Had this in a vape pen and in that form you can lightly taste the diesel but not much else. Super smooth and a creeper high. You feel it in your eyes first then it moves along until your body feels heavy. Does the trick for a daily vape for pain. Doesn't do a whole lot for anxiety.”

  • “I like it but feels more like indica than a sativa”