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Snow White Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Easy to grow, decent yield, clones well. Uplifting and relaxing effects.”

  • “Best fucking weed I´ve ever tried!”

  • “Very good especially after one of those days at work where it's like you just wanna say fuck it all and move on from Everything”

  • “Buds look Amazing! Smells citrus-y and woods-y. Smooth and easy on the throat, was not overwhelming at first. Very nice light buzz that made me social and happy. Yummy high that made me want another toke cause I liked the smooth effect. Great for music as well, sounded just great. Would really recommend this strain!”

  • “strong head high and body high lasts a good while too 🔥🔥”

  • “strong head high and body high lasts a good while too 🔥🔥”

  • “mellow high, things seemed brighter, more couch lock but I was watching chopped and it was the greatest thing I'd ever seen would recommend for a casual after work smoke”

  • “So many crystals! You immediately see why this strain is named Snow White upon first glance. Nice mellow head high and quite a powerful body high. I recommend this strain if you have trouble sleeping or for minor pain. Leaves a nice tingly sensation all through the body.”