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Snow White Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “very, very nice weed strain, i'm smoking 3/5 grams of it daily. it makes you very happy and the best area to smoke it is outside, in the sun with a nice cold drink”

  • “Highly energetic head high,as well as oddly mellow together. Daytime strain.”

  • “very good taste”

  • “nice nugs, a little moist. first time checking it out. made 14g of oil and it kept leering at me crom the oil slick pad. " hey daddy, i know you can smell it." do what? i swear to god i heard her say something. "oooh, daddy......come over here and get yer nose all up in it." im not even ripped in the least, and there's no TV or music on in the background, i live alone, and gracie the pit bull rarely speaks. what the ...”

  • “For Hybrid Lovers, another 5 Star Med!! The smell, taste and feel make for a enjoyable and productive, relaxation. Probably not a Indica lovers knockout punch, or a Sativa lovers better housecleaning performance. But for those like me who prefer a happy, mood elevation with a great body buzz, it ranks with the top F-1's, and my tolerance won't lie!”

  • “Widely available throughout the Netherlands, this common strain is available in a lot of Dutch coffee shops for a reasonable price (between €6 and €8 per gram). I like the taste (Personally I enjoy that it's not as "earthy" as some strains) and the effects are pretty good. A great smoke for both first timers and veterans like me. On a side note: when you're looking for something stronger I would avoid this. I give Sn...”

  • “Top strain. I am smoking it daily”