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Snow White Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “One of the strongest indicas i've ever had. For how indica dominant it is supposed to be I find it has a very pleasant amount of euphoria, just as much as its white widow parent. One of the greatest strains to enjoy after a hard days work, it will rest your weary muscles and put a smile on your face. Word of warning in how potent it is though.”

  • “Since I bought my vaporizer I've been rediscovering strains because of the twist vaping gives it. Vaping made this strain a lot clearer and brought the sativa side up. Still a strong indica part in this strain and it hits very hard. Overwhelming but very comfortable. When the effects start fading it gets you sleepy so it's a prefect evening strain and also if you have problems with sleeping this will be a good choice...”

  • “i love this one”

  • “I'm more of a Sativa myself, but a Hybrid doesn't hurt. Surprisingly it became one of my top favorites. I could see why it got the name 'Snow White', it literally looks like it's sprinkled. Great to have a small get together one night with friends or doing something easy for the night/day.”

  • “After growing this strain for 8 yrs now, I've come to know it well. The buds are always a dark green that looks very pale because of the enormous amount of resin. There's a lot of dark brown/red hairs that cover the plant and give an extra fuzzy look to the nugs. The buds are usually round egg sized buds with an Indica look and Sativa feel. The leaves are round/Indica dom with a very strong fiberous quality to them...”

  • “It's alright but really makes me want to sleep. Perfect for treating insomnia!”

  • “Found this strain overall brilliant. Did notice that when trying to perform task, although up for them, they are difficult. I lost a bit of depth perception and was a little dizzy at times. This is the indica showing its power.”

  • “Verry good taste, nice stoney trippin.:3”