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Snow White Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Found this strain overall brilliant. Did notice that when trying to perform task, although up for them, they are difficult. I lost a bit of depth perception and was a little dizzy at times. This is the indica showing its power.”

  • “Verry good taste, nice stoney trippin.:3”

  • “Nice, dense and crystally nugs. Looks pale due to the crystals but the leaves are dark in colour. When you break a nug the amount of crystals is unreal. Dark orange hairs are pop up occasionally. The smell is sweet, earthy, skunky with slight citrus/fruit. Tastes like (vaped in a solo) earthy. That's all I get really, maybe I slight menthol/Citrus flavour. Love the taste. The early stages take around 60secs+ to come ...”

  • “You wordt helemaal stoned from this wiet.”

  • “very, very nice weed strain, i'm smoking 3/5 grams of it daily. it makes you very happy and the best area to smoke it is outside, in the sun with a nice cold drink”

  • “Highly energetic head high,as well as oddly mellow together. Daytime strain.”

  • “very good taste”