Snow White Reviews - Page 2

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Kicks in fast, and takes over. Only takes me 3 hits; and usually I have to have two bowls to get there. Very relaxing, no munchies! Yeah! Still able to watch an episode of Major Crimes--and follow the story line.”

  • “So many crystals! You immediately see why this strain is named Snow White upon first glance. Nice mellow head high and quite a powerful body high. I recommend this strain if you have trouble sleeping or for minor pain. Leaves a nice tingly sensation all through the body.”

  • “Nice, dense and crystally nugs. Looks pale due to the crystals but the leaves are dark in colour. When you break a nug the amount of crystals is unreal. Dark orange hairs are pop up occasionally. The smell is sweet, earthy, skunky with slight citrus/fruit. Tastes like (vaped in a solo) earthy. That's all I get really, maybe I slight menthol/Citrus flavour. Love the taste. The early stages take around 60secs+ to come ...”

  • “Very strong, hapoy uplifted and energetic feeling after a smoke. Lasts rather long compared to other strains. Makes you really hungry. Would definitely consider buying again! 10/10”

  • “Nice in the morning give you a cerebral high a nice start to the day with out the couch log then move on to something else for Paine or stress”

  • “Just upped with a 1/2 of this & am impressed with the overall ßuzz it packs. Some would say it’s not the most photographic flower that’s ßeauty is truly with the effects it ßoasts which are long lasting & pleasurable l. Tight,Dense popcorn like buds sticky & gummy to boot that breaks up more pleasantly than average with strong earthy overtones. I’m a lucky fellow in that my selection of strain options has been Heaven...”

  • “Good strain Hides my anxiety and depression smells great hope my dealer re ups with this shit again!”