Snow White Reviews - Page 2

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Just trying this out as I type, I'm high as shit rn. I have a "one bowl and I'm groovy" tolerance, so I packed a bowl, I'm a little less than half from done, and I'm fucking groovy. Huge body high. Play some good music and sit back and enjoy. I can't feel the bass. Sitting on the roof, wind lightly blowing. Life's great. Alright I'm done lol”

  • “So many crystals! You immediately see why this strain is named Snow White upon first glance. Nice mellow head high and quite a powerful body high. I recommend this strain if you have trouble sleeping or for minor pain. Leaves a nice tingly sensation all through the body.”

  • “Nice, dense and crystally nugs. Looks pale due to the crystals but the leaves are dark in colour. When you break a nug the amount of crystals is unreal. Dark orange hairs are pop up occasionally. The smell is sweet, earthy, skunky with slight citrus/fruit. Tastes like (vaped in a solo) earthy. That's all I get really, maybe I slight menthol/Citrus flavour. Love the taste. The early stages take around 60secs+ to come ...”

  • “Nice in the morning give you a cerebral high a nice start to the day with out the couch log then move on to something else for Paine or stress”

  • “Very strong, hapoy uplifted and energetic feeling after a smoke. Lasts rather long compared to other strains. Makes you really hungry. Would definitely consider buying again! 10/10”

  • “I like it. it's a nice calm relaxing high. slip into some deep thoughts and some Music in the background. Maybe think of something cool that you may never thought you could. it doesn't just make sit in the couch it always create enough energy to get out and wonder.”

  • “I smoked this strain in amsterdam it looked great real frosty and sticky. I smoked just one spliff of this with a friend and i haven't been that high in months. And that with one spliff, the only negative side was that i couldn´t follow any conversation. but still it was great going back for that one for sure.”

  • “Good strain Hides my anxiety and depression smells great hope my dealer re ups with this shit again!”