Snow White Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
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  • “After growing this strain for 8 yrs now, I've come to know it well. The buds are always a dark green that looks very pale because of the enormous amount of resin. There's a lot of dark brown/red hairs that cover the plant and give an extra fuzzy look to the nugs. The buds are usually round egg sized buds with an Indica look and Sativa feel. The leaves are round/Indica dom with a very strong fiberous quality to them...”

  • “One of the best in Nirvana's line up. Sadly no dispensaries carry this wonderful strain around me. So I grow it myself and keep it on my top shelf. Great taste and aroma upon exhale you can feel the pain and stress of the day melt away. A must have for cancer paitients, or ANYONE suffering from any ailments. This is an all around top Medical strain in my opinion.”

  • “nice nugs, a little moist. first time checking it out. made 14g of oil and it kept leering at me crom the oil slick pad. " hey daddy, i know you can smell it." do what? i swear to god i heard her say something. "oooh, daddy......come over here and get yer nose all up in it." im not even ripped in the least, and there's no TV or music on in the background, i live alone, and gracie the pit bull rarely speaks. what the ...”

  • “You wordt helemaal stoned from this wiet.”

  • “Looks: I see why they call this marijuana, Snow White. This bud is completely frosted white from the trichomes! Light green buds with a small amount of hairs. Smell: Potent spicy smell with a strong skunk undertone once broken up. Taste: Spicy taste that lingers in your mouth for a while. Buzz Type: Medium – Strong. This bud gave me a nice cerebral buzz with a strong body high that slowly settled in. B...”

  • “Actually pretty standard around here in the Netherlands, but I never got to try it. It really surprised me the first time. Very strong high that came rolling in pretty smoothly. Very good example of a hybrid: nice head buzz and pretty heavy body high. Just getting my keys from my pocket seemed like an adventure and I had a great time. Definitely recommend it for just doing something with your friends. The taste is ju...”

  • “Kicks in fast, and takes over. Only takes me 3 hits; and usually I have to have two bowls to get there. Very relaxing, no munchies! Yeah! Still able to watch an episode of Major Crimes--and follow the story line.”

  • “Just trying this out as I type, I'm high as shit rn. I have a "one bowl and I'm groovy" tolerance, so I packed a bowl, I'm a little less than half from done, and I'm fucking groovy. Huge body high. Play some good music and sit back and enjoy. I can't feel the bass. Sitting on the roof, wind lightly blowing. Life's great. Alright I'm done lol”