SnowLAnd Reviews

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  • “Very nice hybrid. I am a pretty heavy smoker, so it takes a good strain to really get me to feel "stoned" and this one did it for me :) Your brain is filled with happy thoughts and stress and depression fade away. It's very relaxing in the body as well as the mind but not too heavy to keep you from being productive. All in all I would say a very good hybrid with the best of both worlds and no anxiety or paranoia. If...”

  • “Holy Hell, I am in love. This beautiful hybrid strain is leaning towards the sativa-dominant side, but in the best possible way. After a massive anxiety attack, this delicious, candy-flavored strain is perfect for re-centering and coming back down to Earth. Everything is prettier after Snowland consumption. Furthermore, music sounds even better, food tastes better, and the world ceases to be so cruel for a few hours....”

  • “Very tasty strain. It's a one two punch for nausea. My room mate suffers from gallstones and this stuff is like an antidote for gallbladder attacks. I don't typically need meds for nausea, but seeing is believing and I saw a complete change in her health. Would recommend to anyone with tummy problems!”

  • “Looks great smells almost as pungent as a good Dutch treat. Very fruity. 26% thc. However the high doesn't match the looks or smell. Average high. Still worth a try. Maybe a different farm may do better”

  • “So far really enjoying this strain. I find it has more of an earthy taste than described by other users. As far as looks buds are light green with light crystals and a shit ton of em. The effects are ranging from euphoric to a very heady easy to focus high. Overall a great find I doubt I'll find this one again”

  • “So wonderful! The taste is amazing and the smell is like a sweet diesel and the high is tingly and slightly numbing. Helped my back and neck pain!”

  • “Good for a balanced, smooth high. I can feel it in my head and my body and it makes me feel very warm and relaxed. Very good for relaxing.”

  • “Just got this as a strain to try while on a budget cause you cant beat $89 for 28g and its awesome . Gives a nice high and would be great for someone who is still starting out, or someone looking to try stronger strains, Id def recommend this one. if you have a high tolerance, like me, it still gave me a pretty good high and it helped me sleep right away without making me crave the entire kitchen pantry to eat.”