Soul Shine Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Bought some Soul Shine from One Love Beach Club in Long Beach, and boy does the name reflect the bud. Although it's a hybrid, Soul Shine had very powerful sativa effects, and honestly has been one of the most uplifting buds I've ever had the pleasure of smoking. Absolutely no couch lock from this one. Rather, it's extremely energetic, light, airy, and makes you want to do something creative/take a walk/have a stimula...”

  • “Soulshine, a really suprising strain u slowly try to discover it and u get soooo euphoric u cant get enough of this little unique taste tht i describe as bubblehash ,thick dense nug trichromy and smelly,yum!”

  • “Simply amazing.”

  • “gave me a nice couch/bed lock. sort of euphoric. would smoke again. evening recommended”

  • slh

    “A lovely high. Made me very stoned, slightly psychadelic. Puts a smile on your face from the first toke. Gave me a serious case of the munchies.”

  • “Love this strain to bits. Very fruity and musty smell/taste and it really gives you this nice glowing feeling in the center of your body. The name does really suit as was said by another reviewer here. Perfect for active smokers who need pain relief and really just a fun strain to smoke.”

  • “This strain os beautiful!! it's taste is great, it is strong and the psychedelic effect is simply unvelievable! very detailed, clean and neat! not foggy at all ! I personally loved it!”

  • “Nice high. Didn't got the phsychadelic effect, still felt good, did got couch lock but pleasant experience all the way”