Sour Apple Reviews

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  • “Gather children, let me tell you the story about SA. Sour Apple is that girl in your class who you didn't even know was in your class to begin with. She is plain, boring and doesn't seem to give a damn about anyone around her. You're at party and every hot girl there is either too good for you to approach her or you're scared of that buff guy around her who you think is her boyfriend. Life sucks now because your plan...”

  • “Very Strong and Oh So Fruity! I have been using sour apple for a few months now and it's grown to be a nice strain that's made it's way onto my fave list. The Bud: Super frosty as if these small dime shaped funky chunky looking nugs that are light green and have bright sherbert hairs; these are super dense to bust open, lots of cbg is released and the trichs on my finger tips aren't coming off. Dunked in the sugar bo...”

  • “10/7/15 Reviewer: GreenPeaceGlobal Information: Sour Apple Strain Quality: High End Mids Location Grown: Central California Growth date: June-August Harvest: August-September Use: Recreational/ Medicinal Review: Strain felt like a hybrid. Left user in a state of energetic tendencies. User also felt like sticking to the couch various times. Device effects: Bong: Smoother as time went on. After three bowls inhalati...”

  • “Very happy, euphoric strain. Reminiscent of Sour Diesel but I would say it's a bit more of a cerebral buzz. Very nice and very much a true hybrid feeling. Very heady but not energy-draining.”

  • “Sour Apple is a wonderful, gentle hybrid strain. I'd like to categorize it as sativa-dominant, but there is a nice body component that develops in longer smoke sessions. This strain's mental effects are on the quiet, introspective side of things. Reflective and soft, rather than mentally energizing, Sour Apple is a great choice when needing a moment to think things through. The relaxed body high that evolved as I...”

  • “This was one of the more expensive strains that I've bought. The great thing about sour apple is that you are very much aware of how high you are, so if you wanted to smoke and run some errands, you'd very easily be able to moderate yourself. Not to mention that after about 2 bowls, I was FLYING. Everything was hilarious, and there wasn't a single sad thought in my mind, even a few days after smoking (I go on toleran...”

  • “Sour apple is wonderful. I really only have to take one hit to feel great with this strain. This strain is gentle and it doesn’t give you that “wow I’m definitely high” feeling, but that can certainly be a good thing. That’s why this strain is best for the nighttime. If you wanna just chill out and clear your mind. If you want to feel good all over this is the strain for you. After one hit I feel so relaxed and focus...”

  • “There have been some beautiful late harvest buds around the OC lately, busty and plump, with coatings of amber trichromes. Sour Candy Apple has dark leaves and light emerald flowers, flush with pale hairs. There is a fruit scent similar to an apple or pear. It’s a bit piney also, but barely so. The buds I got were really fresh, making them hard to break up. Once they dried after a moment or two on a dish, they w...”