Sour Cheese Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
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  • “I've had the pleasure of tasting some very yummy Sour Cheese from Green Health Cooperative in Seattle, WA. So yummy in fact that after trying it I had to return and get some more. When you open the jar and take a whiff you are greeted with a splash of pungent sour that quickly turns into a smooth cheese. Colored in a light to medium green and absolutely covered in orange hairs and glistening trichomes these buds...”

  • “Im smoking a J right now, I can see where the diesel taste comes in. it has a slight heady high to it. my body feels great. I have back issues and my lower back feels numb right now. the bud feels compact and nice n tight nugs, the color looks great too.”

  • “Surprisingly, it really smells and tastes like sour cheese. Even more surprisingly, it's in a good way. When I smelled such a unique smelling flower at the dispensary, I just had to take a gram home and try this. I'm glad I did. Firstly, the color of the bud was a light, pastel green-yellow with a healthy covering of crystals. The bud was dried well and crumbled beautifully! It crumbled into the bowl like a sticky ...”

  • “This is amazing. Definitely one of those strains that makes you remember it. My experience was life-changing. I was focused, didn't get too hungry, and felt like I could do anything. My boyfriend and I had a very deep emotional talk and we feel as though we are on a new level of understanding each other. I also feel like understand myself better. The entire night felt like my sight was a play at an old theater where ...”

  • hi2

    “Nice! Puts you in a terrific mood. It's strange but I keep going back and forth between super sharp focus and forgetting.....Oh well. It's a fun strain. I'm finding that any strain that has sour diesel in it's genetics is my kind of weed.”

  • “Really good looking buds. The sour Cheese i tried is from pierce county in wa. The bud is covered in crystals and thick orange hairs givng it a sticky,crystally orange look. It was really dense and the high is a nice uplifting high that hits pretty hard and doesnt leave you couchlocked or unable to conversate.”

  • “I got hyper as hell when i smoked this. highly recommended for things that required energy or just to get happy”

  • “Amazing bud!!! want more!!!!!!!!!!!1”