Sour Dubble Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “Awesome, upfront Sativa high! Great sweet-diesel flavor that lasts through the bowl. I visited my favorite rec dispensary(Buddahs wellness center) at my favorite vacation spot(Port Orford, OR). I asked for something from the bottom shelf($30 1/8ths) suitable for joints and blunts that wouldn't put me to sleep, in addition to the top shelf 707 Headband and Durban Poison which I would use in a glass pipe. I quickly fo...”

  • “So cool i love the weed here”

  • “By far my favorite strain. Great to smoke during the day or if you need to be productive. I smoked a couple of spliffs and would not stop talking after. I suggest not smoking this if your trying to go to sleep because it wakes you up. 10/10 would recommend this strain to anyone.”

  • “Soothing weed. When I smoked it without mixing another strain in, it was TOO relaxing for me, but if I smoked about 80-90% sour dubble mixed with 10-20% something like Hawaiian Dutch, it was perrrrfect for me. (I'm not sure how to describe the effect, but it was like slipping into a bath of "comfortable"”

  • “Hard to find, but worth it. I've found this strain both times at homegrown apothecary and it's one of my favorites. I don't know how to explain it but it kicks in strong and smooth, makes your mouth water like a meringue pie. fun, giggly, talkative high. good day strain or around the campfire, good-time strain. in my top 8.”

  • “diesel tasting fire..gets my on another level high but still functional then mellows out to couchlock at least for me..awsome hybrid”

  • “That this strain makes you want to talk is no lie. Mentally speaking, the high is amazing and stimulating. I immediately wrote three pages of rants that actually made sense in a mentally cohesive way. There was a lot of rhythm in my focus. Physically I felt free. No heavy high here.”

  • “Great sativa leaning hybrid. Seems very hard to find. Locally, Homegrown Apothecary had it for a while, but when it's gone , it seems to be gone. Hopefully more comes up somewhere. Functional and upbeat, feels like a good ECSD for most of the high, then tapers into something very relaxing. A top 10 strain for me.”