Sour Grape Reviews

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  • “🍇Bliss!..Such a Perfectly Balanced Hybrid for my Chronic Pain/Depression/Anxiety/Fatigue "conditions"..LOVE both her Parents, LUV their Baby, Sour G! My 1st time & OH wow, this is some Heady MellowUp Relaxed Kick Back Creative🎨 Introspective Fun smoke..her DeLightful Euphoria engulfs my Mind, Body & Spirit. "All is Well in my World".. Love, Hope, Tranquility, Peace, Compassion, Joy, Gratitude, Calm, Harmony, Grace...”

  • “This strain of cannabis is extremely effective at reducing muscle twitches and pain in the legs, generally brought on by Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS). The body high obtained from this strain works well and will assist with relaxing or naturally falling asleep. One can definitely expect couch-lock if enjoying digital entertainment, though there is no sleepy side affect. You should invest in another strain if you need h...”

  • “What a great pickup! Been going with this one for about 2 weeks, and the high is awesome! Strain is approximately 50/50, but the cerebral high effects are definitely more noticeable than the body. Up in the head you get a strange, lifting feeling that kicks in after a minute or two. After that it's smooth sailing for an hour or two. In the body, I've experienced an odd, sort of "rolling" high that you can sort of fee...”

  • hi2

    “This is an evening weed for me. Strangely, you feel like its an indica (more stone than high) and yet you are energetic. You can accomplish evening household tasks before you plop down on the couch. Not particularly euphoric. Relaxing and pleasant.”

  • “This is a nice strain! I puff a lot of medicine and usually I don't notice much of a difference.... but I did with this.... It is fresh! Wasn't there last week, so it could be the freshness making it better? I dunno, but it is tingly and Euphoric as hell.... Very rarely do I start getting light headed after one bowl.... ok I had a smaller bowl of King's Blend about 20 minutes earlier, but the second hit of this So...”

  • “This strain varies greatly in all areas. Since it's a cross between a strong indica and sativa. There are always mixed batches of sour grape with either sativa or indica dominance. However when you can find that perfect 50/50 mix. In my opinion, is one of the best strains ever. It is exceptional in all respects.”

  • “Sour Grape is a strain I believe to be by Gage Green Genetics. If so, it makes sense, as this strain is some real quality. The sample I had was a little under-grown, yet somehow the trichome coverage was still unbelievable. When I first picked it up, I was smoking it along side some really heady indicas, and it stood out by really relaxing me in a way the other could not. I found myself reminiscing of traveling the c...”

  • “Smoking this strain produced a most interesting sensation. A sense of floating, time and space dilation, as well as vivid recollections. It did not make me sleepy, but when I finally went to bed and slept, I woke up rested and happy.”