Grape Stomper Reviews

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  • “Sour Grapes is a strain I believe to be by Gage Green Genetics. If so, it makes sense, as this strain is some real quality. The sample I had was a little under-grown, yet somehow the trichome coverage was still unbelievable. When I first picked it up, I was smoking it along side some really heady indicas, and it stood out by really relaxing me in a way the other could not. I found myself reminiscing of traveling the ...”

  • “i like this strand alot its fun to walk around and just space one of my favorite things about this strand is how everything seems happy and bright on a sunny day”

  • “• Presently smoking thc-15% BEAUTY-bud —> hybrid Grape 🍇 Stomper from Theraplant. While it's a fairly low thc-content (& therefore a great strain for MMJ-newbies!), I still got top-floor, head to toe euphoria after approx 5-6 tokes of 1 water bong-bowl. Beautiful deep hues of purple, green + orange; low terpene profile|%, so flavor is def more on the piney, Chem Sour D, sativa-side, as opposed to leaning toward the ...”

  • “EXCEPTIONAL for outdoor use! Immediately gives you wide-eyed crystal clear vision and an undeniable euphoric positiveness that pairs magically with being in nature. Vaped a TON without a hint of paranoia. Just feel-good vibes through and through.”

  • “This strain hits like a good hybrid should. Its got an initial head high that fades into a nice body stone. Has a thick grape tasting smoke with hints of diesel.”

  • “🍇🍬 Grape Stomper is a mild and pleasant hybrid that is wonderful anytime of day! Although relaxing, it will not ruin your day. It will fill you with bliss and put your mind at ease, all while increasing sociability. It smells and tastes like grape. Fantastic flavor when smoked. I like to take a few bong rips of this strain before work, paired up with a pure sativa. Very nice strain for making salads! Would recommen...”

  • “I originally got this one because I like grape bud (and it smelled a lot like grape in the jar at the dispensary), but also because it was $8 a gram. Maybe the price will go up later depending on the grower, but at that price, I gotta give this bud 5 stars, hands down! (I would have given it 4.5 stars if it were $10 a gram) First of all, GRAPE! If you like grape tasting bud like Sour Grape or Killer Grape, you'll lo...”

  • “very nice hybrid indica dominant, has a nice fruity smell and taste. actually taste like grapes. wonderful for pain, eating disorder, insomnia, and depression.”