Sour Kush Reviews

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  • “Sour Kush is a mighty herb at that. Love it's aromatic, tangy bite and the high is what keeps enthusiasts like me coming back for more. Love any strain of sour. 0:00; bowl of SK is smoked, almost instantaneously I am lifted. My heart rate increases slightly, then my head feels heavy, then things subside until I take another hit. +0:15; the high is already comfortable and onset wasn't anything. No anxiety, no ho...”

  • hi2

    “I've tried 52 strains in 17 months. I'm always amazed at the high from Sour Kush. It brings on the most amazing, euphoric high with a strong psychedelic and spiritual aspect. I feel like this strain is a close friend. Strangely, it seems to be good for any time of day.'s just well balanced. I think it is my favorite strain especially when I'm up for an intense spiritually uplifting experience with a lot of smi...”

  • hi2

    “Super super uplifting. You'll have to work hard to not smile. Oddly, after a few morning tokes, I forgot to make coffee! Didn't need it. Not exactly a sharp focus strain. You're pleasantly spacey and can still manage to get things done. There's an introspective, spiritual and creative aspect to this strain as well. No burn out feeling on the come down. Definitely in my top 5.”

  • hi2

    “I've come to the realization that this is is my favorite strain . It has everything I desire in a cannabis. Erases anxiety, gives you just the right amount of energy, puts a smile on your face and has a psychedelic aspect as well. No paranoia whatsoever. Not particularly munchie inducing. Zero headache no matter how much you consume. Longer lasting than many strains. .Fun and introspective at the same time. Mak...”

  • “This may be my new favorite. Excellent for pain relief, while body and cerebral high, without the overwhelming couch lock of an indica. Pungent and tasty, this one lets you know it's gonna be powerful from first smell.”

  • “Aphria has got this one right. This strain has met the hype that precedes it. I don't like to waste my day all messed up and unable to function. 5 hits and I was bouncing with energy, trying to decide what to do next. My mind wandered a bit in a fun way, but focussed pretty well. No couch lock or burn out and increasing my anxiety never came into play. I suffer from PTSD and intractable pain disease. This may have b...”

  • “One of my favorites. The happiest highs and the best body-numbingness. It's perfect for depression and/or a social smoke. Not energetic but not quite couch locked either - just fun. Watch out for some munchies though.”

  • “Couldn't find Sour Kosher Kush by DNA on here so going to put review here (seeing that it's the closest to Sour Kush) Awesome 50/50, deep stone but still able to get stuff done thanks to the Sour Diesel adding almost an equal part heady/ness. Very nice sweet sour fuel taste and smell, starts to come through nicely after +2month cure. Strong but able to smoke this all day and still be functional.”