Sour LSD Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Really more than I was expecting. First off it looks really nice it's a different color than most bud a bright emerald green, fire orange hairs, dense and covered with a healthy coating of crystals. The smell is very citrus and it tastes alot like Dutch Treat, a mild citrus flavor. It's deffinetly a head high with lots of energy and focus for me this is a smoke all day strain from wake up till I'm ready for bed at ni...”

  • “Sour LSD was recommended by a budtender because they were out of Chemmy Jones. I did eventually find Chemmy Jones, so I can confirm the budtender's suggestion that they are similar. Both are good for staying active and alert while feeling totally relaxed in the process. Sour LSD distinguishes itself by offering up a slight colourful vibrancy reminiscent of Lavender. Also Leafly indicated that Sour LSD is good for e...”

  • “sour lsd, good for daytime use. great tangy taste. very dense and sticky. I can see this being one of my favorites I like it more than sour d. I did not notice much as far as psycoactive effects, there was no paranoia. i love taking a rip of this to start off a great day”

  • “It's a good weed for fibromyalgia pain but it made me way too paranoid. Lol. I was hearing and seeing shot for almost an hour. Lol omg that was a trip!”

  • “This is boldly flavorful and smelly. These were sticky and stinky fluffy fat green flowers with a nice crystal coating. It looks and smells amazing. When I smoked this it produced an energized friendly high with a smile. Now this is my kind of medicine top shelf that also contains love energy. I will definitely buy more of this strain Lambsbread X Sour Diesel from the guild dispensary in Eugene Oregon.”

  • “Great strain with strong smell and taste. Smoke: 7/10 Taste: 7.5/10 High: 8/10”

  • “this was a very nice strain it didnt dry my eyes make me all that hungry or make my mouth dry this was a smooth tasting pungent smelling it didnt make me tired at all i felt energetic yet relaxed its was not just a body relaxer but i relaxed my mind like no other strain i have tried this was a beautiful strain worthy of smoking any time of day!”

  • “yeah it deserves a 5 star for me I got it indoor from around north Oregon, beyond dispencery standards, it's an excellent hybrid for effect and lack of negative effects.”