Sour Strawberry Diesel Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Whoosh goes the smoke into my lungs. Whoosh goes the colors around me.”

  • “the taste of strawberry with that added sour diesel that tastes amazing and leaves an after taste in your mouth for ages. clear head high which gave me great laughter watching comedy and great relaxation for my anger levels. could easily drift off and think up crap for an hour. not great for muscle soreness or pain though.”

  • “Great taste and smell. Amends almost identical to strawberries but you definitely smell the diesel lineage. High THC strain with like .2% cbd”

  • “Great all around high, the tingliness that comes with it is perfect for listening to music and relaxing.”

  • “Awesome taste, great high. One of my new favorites”

  • “This strain is dope! Exactly! Gorgeous, glowing buds ... Pipes me up ... Uplifting, strong, even understanding ... Opens one up ... Star gazing, sun lazing, a bit of both! Ha. Seriously; crisp crunchy delicately flowered plants, great to bust up, roll, effects take effect immediately and it's uphill from there ... Smells nice ... High is like laser electric energy of the soul, or something more cool even perhaps ...”

  • “nice strong taste i mix this with the Platinum cookie”

  • “It's a surprisingly relaxing sativa. Nothing is overwhelming. It's the first strain I've ever felt "with it" after a couple hours with the heightened sense sativa normally gives me. Definitely didn't notice any pain. Would recommend.”