Sour Tsunami Reviews

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  • “This is an great CBD strain... ~13%! Great body high... medium head high. Really focused on the news is was watching! Recommend vaping instead of toking, you won't get that heavy body feeling. Great bud... recommend for those with any kind of pain! It's gone in 15 minutes as the body high starts to kick in!”

  • “My first high-CBD strain. The buds themselves are unimpressive - dull with only a light dusting of resin. But I vaporized one bag and realized the therapeutic beauty of this strain: the pain in my shoulder eased, my focus felt sharp, and there was hardly a buzz in my head, allowing me to think quickly and fully remain functional. Mixing this with a high-THC variety is a completely different feeling - relaxed and yet ...”

  • “Boy oh boy is this some potent medicine er whut?! Don't get me wrong, I love a good euphoric, creative Sativa, but this Hybrid has a nice balance. I enjoy the cerebral feeling at first, then it fades into almost a mind numbing sensation with massive effects on pain, that nagging arthritic low back ache. Obliterated, gone. I can't wait to sleep on this one. For those who don't like the super strong THC strains, or ...”

  • “Haven't ever tried a strain quite like this one.. it's high CBD content and lower THC made me feel as though I was not stoned but noticed clarity of mind to where I could get my morning started.”

  • “I just got a gram of sour tsunami flake from a local dispensary I enjoy frequenting. It was produced by caviar kings who is a company I have never heard of before. So, let's break into it and find out what caviar kings are all about. As flake goes it was a nice light creamy gold with a decent smell. I say decent because I could tell they had used a slightly lower quality butane to separate the hash from the buds by t...”

  • “Sour Tsunami- A very unique strain bred for its CBD content. Fantastic Sour Diesel-ish taste with hints of sweet, sour, and earthy evergreen. The Sour Tsunami is a proven pain reducer and inflammation fighter. This strain is for anyone looking for a low THC strain with all the benefits of CBD. Great for morning or night, Sour Tsunami works where other strains fall short.”

  • “This strain got me off 30mg morphone three times a day. The pain relief is effective and lasts as long as a normal high however the inflammation relief if consistently dosed is ongoing. Invest in at least a weeks worth and dose accordingly you will be surprised as I was”

  • “Am I the only one who disagrees that CBD is non-psychoactive and non-euphoric. A while back I tried Sour Tsunami (ST), which is supposed to have very high amounts of CBD and very low, almost non-existent amounts of THC. The despenserie I purchased it from claimed their particular phenotype to have only 1% THC and 17% CBD. To me, there most definitely was a psychoactive and euphoric high. I typically go for sativas a...”