Sour Urkle Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “One of the most flavorful hybrids i have tried so far and i have had my fair share of hybrids. Nice relaxing body high, easy head high, but effects last only about 30 minutes or so for the veteran user. I would recommend for beginners.”

  • “As a veteran smoker and a fan of pure strains, this hybrid was very pleasing. Substituting this for a sativa did not disappoint as it has most the characteristics desired. From the pipe I got good and high, feelin' groovy and able to function normally. A few rips from the bong and it's another story. That got me very stoned, almost catatonic. Be warned, it's strong! This one I'd get again a fan favorite. Thanks TCC f...”

  • “Works great for my bad knees and carpal tunnel syndrome.”

  • “hybrid (felt more like a sativa dominate to me): Indica - nice body high. Sativa - anxiety and a mind that won't quit. Not always a bad thing, but no good for my dreams.”

  • “Nice thc powdered buds. Excellent taste and solid high that may allow you to relax or get up and get stuff done!”

  • “Nice smelling flowers. Great taste...very green tasting. The taste lingers in the mouth. Seems to be cutting down my pain. I would recommend this bud to anyone looking to be in couch lock at night.”

  • “great for pain and for relaxing a must get strain hands down”

  • “Yeah, this strain does it all. It's heavy while being light. It's energizing while being relaxing. It's a really nice strain, but can feel a bit powerful, so it may be better to take small tokes if smoking, or lower dosed edibles if ingesting, because this stuff is strong.”