Space Candy Reviews

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  • “This version of Space Candy was purchased at Fresh Buds PDX, Batch #10862. It's currently my favorite strain to smoke. The aroma of the flowers is sharp and biting, in a good way. Lots of pine and lemon aroma in the nose, with a real sour (good way, again) smell, like a lime. Visually, it's hard to tell if it's dark green or purple, there are so many white crystals and red hairs on these dense nugs. The smoke is fla...”

  • “OMG this is the shit, big beautiful buds sweet citus smell and ripping bong hits. This is a perfect example of why you cant be concerned with the numbers and percentages. This week this is by far my favorite strain Killer breakfast pot but be careful , get a little carried away and DERP !!!!!! you will not recall why you went in the kitchen but I'm sure you will find something to gnash on. this is the kind of w...”

  • “tangy, coffee inhale. Earthy olive pungent exhale. It's been 1 min. since toking and I feel the train a comin' already. The light at the end of this tunnel is gunna be real bright... 😉”

  • “Defiantly a good strain, good mind x body feel. Doesn't hit immediately.”

  • “Loved smoking this as I make music. Influenced my creative flow”

  • “Space Candy is an out of this world concentrate I got from processor Honu . Listed as a hybrid with a total cannabinoids of 72% with a shatter consistency. The high is a uplifting happy high that had me chatting and laughing. The flavor on this one is pretty amazing stuff that remind me of grape drink (sugar water purple) it is a very clear sweet grape flavor that is a little medicinal. Very tasty!”

  • “Potent skunk and candy smell, dense buds covered in orange hairs. Energetic uplifting body and head high.”

  • “came up on a truly excellent batch of space candy at torrey holistics in san diego. with sparkly (almost shiny-sparkly) nugs and a pronouncedly sweet smell, it was honestly some of the prettiest weed i've ever seen. on the effects: i'm noticing more of a sativa effect up front (most noticeable in the fact that I just worked eight hours behind a computer and still felt motivated to log on Leafly and write this re...”