Special K Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “great creative euphoric body high”

  • “This is a very nice, earthy strain. The smell is identical to lemongrass, with herbal overtones. The effects are very energetic and happy sensations. It is not too head strong and very easy-going.”

  • “Wonderful high. It was very uplifting and left me feeling energetic, but not jittery. Would definitely recommend.”

  • “I am so high right now”

  • “Had "Organic" Special K and not sure what the real difference was. Anyway, copy and paste from a different source: "It features a smell that is both spicy and citrus. It offers a citrus taste that is very enjoyable. This is a hybrid of Northern Lights and Afghani. It is potent with THC around 23% and it isn’t recommended for first time users of cannabis. Special K is bright green in color. As the time comes near for ...”

  • “Love this strain, one of my morning go to's. A little heavy but for an experienced smoker it makes for a wonderful productive morning.”

  • “This one is pretty good for a positive and energetic day. Don't knock it till you try it!”

  • “Head buzz is superior, real nice and mellow!!”