Spirit of '76 Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “interesting, as "spirit of 76" was a sativa strain grown in florida in the 70's. the original was very light green with sweet pine smell and taste of sugar. extremely thin leaves and small seeds. original is no longer around. donkey dick buds. a shame this old school smoke is no more, as males often showed resin. not unheard of, but not common either.”

  • “nice fruity took me to '76 and I was born in 92?”

  • “Great strain. It really helped with stress and anxiety. It comes on quick, leaves you feeling giggly and uplifted before easing into a mellow relaxation, and at $30 for an 1/8 recreational, how can you pass it up?”

  • “Picked up a quad from natures herbs and wellness. The buds are green and purple and caked with crystals. With a strong smell of pine. The high comes on strong and fast. A Strong yet way chill and social cerebral high with a fairly powerful body buzz as well, but with no lag. Is awesome for hiking!”

  • “One of the best buds i have ever seen let alone had the chance to smoke. If you see this strain in a shop, buy it. Especially if you've never tried it. tastes phenomenal, nice fruity hints mixed in with a lovely pine aftertaste. Effects are fast to set in but not overpowering. Definitely a bud to smoke if you're trying to be the social butterfly I know that you are!”

  • “best smoke I've had in awhile.”

  • “Nice blend, great high.”

  • “it's a great balance of everything that's good about weed. great for concerts, conversation, partying, or just chilling and listening to music. will give you the munchies.”