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Love it. Euphoric and happy head high. Definitely a favorite for a productive day. I cleaned, cooked, took my dog for a run, went grocery shopping, and didn't want to kill every driver on Colorado Blvd. Stardawg is my new go to for controlling my episodes of anxiety. If I feel like I'm going to have a full blown panic attack, there aren't many strains that help me ground myself while still allowing me to function. Stardawg has separated itself from the pack of hybrids I've tried to get the most out of my day while still fighting off my anxiety. I've smoked it out of a pipe and vaporized it with my Pax 2 and it's been nothing but great both ways. I highly recommend it.
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Form & Method

  • Flower
  • Smoke


  • Energetic
  • Euphoric
  • Focused
  • Happy
  • Uplifted

Flavor Profile

  • Earthy
  • Pungent

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