Starfighter Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Alright guys, let's get right into it, this is one of those reviews that are only written when the writer has a really really good smoke, is overwhelmed by the pleasure of the experience of it, and is compelled to review it to share it, celebrate it and preserve it. So come along! Now, lettuce talk about the buds. They allllmost have purple. It was somewhat confusing, because the sample buds i was shown i swore had a...”

  • “Very, very nice. I have one of those amazing unicorn jobs... my boss brought me to Farma to pick out an eighth of my choice for a job well done... I grabbed the Starfighter from Green Bodhi. It was between the Starfighter and the Ghost OG, because when you see Green Bodhi on the menu, you buy it. Starfighter is great. This batch tested at 24% THC and is a mild high, which I appreciate. We've smoked three bowls over...”

  • “Picked up some Greenlight in Issaquah recommended and it is fire. The bud smells like no other with an aroma that reminds me of Pine Sol. I never have smelled a bud so lemony and piney. I highly recommend this dank ass herb.”

  • “wow a great new hybrid this bud is a great anytime flower loved it”

  • “This strain is very good, smoking it right now actually. Uplifted, clear headed and hungry. Around the 3rd bowl its indica traits become apparent and super chillness falls upon you. Not a top 5 strain but very respectable 4 star.”

  • “real good looking weed greasy flower”

  • “very intense high from just a dab pen”

  • “Pretty good,”