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What is Starman?

Starman is a proprietary strain from Pilot Farms located just outside Ashland, Oregon. This hybrid has an undisclosed lineage and has been described as an excellent cut to reduce inflammation and pain. It has a lung-expanding flavor that is a mixture of pine, candy, and clean botanical notes. The grower encourages consumers to vaporize this strain, as the smoke can be rather heavy on the lungs. Starman has a quick and potent onset that lays into the limbs and lingers on the body. Enjoy Starman after a long day at work, on your feet, or out in nature to maximize its soothing physical effects.  

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Dry Mouth

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  • 1. Spicy/Herbal

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“this strain is perfect for increasing good mood and rediscovering your cannabis virginity. i feel wonderful and i have the munchies. i am energized but not manic. or worried about being manic. i’m not worried about anything. i feel so motivated. this is my first leafly review and i’ve been anxiety procrastinating for the past year to do it and i finally just did without a thought. that’s progress. the most handsome...”