Starry Night Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “Beautiful, emerald green,uniform nuggets with red, orange, and purple hairs,thickly blanketed in trichomes. Upon popping the jar, an intense diesel odor filed the room. The tastes of blue cheese and diesel competed for territory on my tongue, while skunk and fruit wafted up the back of my throat, trickling out through my nostrils. Very Potent. The main effect of this cannabis to note is it's antidepressant quali...”

  • “Laid back smooth fruity flavor, makes you feel like the kid who got to open one gift on Christmas Eve, warm happy and optimistic.”

  • “Nice high, great to eat on, a great stress reliever and a euphoric feeling. In the beginning I was really active I had to be up and moving around while talking to my friends I was very talkative. Afterwards I had the giggles to the max man I could not stop laughing, but right now I feel like a statue made of lead in my chair, a great couch lock I am so relaxed right now, can't wait to try this again.”

  • “Must try this with a snap of Durban, cooled perfectly inside a Bubbler. The result should be a crisp, crystal-clear, cosmically odoriffic sense of well-being...Very motivating, 5-Star Bud! \mm/”

  • “Heavy body high. Great head high. Looks smokes and feels like top shelf”

  • “My new favorite strain! It completely makes my body, especially my arms, feel like they are floating. It's perfect if your looking for a euphoric and happy high!”

  • “Super mellow high. Has me feeling as chill as a cucumber.”

  • “can be found at the dispensary in fulton il.”