Stevie Wonder Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I love this strain. My confidence is through the roof and the head high is the best I've ever had. Body high is pretty good but not the strongest. Love it either way though”

  • “Amazing" the pain's gone and I'm in a pretty great mood. A must try on everyone's list.”

  • “Gets you high AF, but you're still able to study after a few hours.”

  • “I have had MS for 30years and was/am enjoying flower before/now medicinally. I don't have pain,but everything else. Vertigo,insomnia,depression & anxiety. This strain is the best I have ever enjoyed... amazing.”

  • “It's a very tasteful strain I feel the head high feel no pain feel no stress feel relaxed but was hoping for more indca but that's just me very great strain though must try”

  • “This strain is fantastic for hiking, very get up and go with a nice dose of euphoria. I also find that when watching tv high that I become extremely interested in anything anyone says, even benign details. I watched "Keeping up with the Kardashians" and Kourtney (the boring one) said she was stung by a bee once and I immediately thought: "Oh my god I want to hear that entire story from beginning to end." Unfortunatel...”

  • “tasteful. was a nice energetic sensation. I felt productive, mildly sedated, but over all motivated. not too heady. if you have access to this strain I would suggest picking up a half. the smaller and denser the nuggs...the better.”

  • “Very nice, super relaxing but not too much, good wake and baker for high tolerance stoners”