Strawberry Dream Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Great Daytime strain. Smells mildly sweet and nutty with a hint of berry. Smoke is so smooth, no cough and a sweet aftertaste. Great medicating strain for depression and anxiety.”

  • “This strain makes me very uplifted and want to be around people more, actually talking to them, even online :P. You'll have slight to moderate dry mouth, but it gets really dry if you decide to party. The munchies and/or arousal don't set in until right before your plateau, and the arousal is never as vivid as the hunger; these are very chill and slow as compared to the oncoming of the high.”

  • “I got a super purple batch of this strain.. which i'm assuming comes from the Blue Dream. Overall look i give a 10/10 - It's super light green with patches of purple throughout. Covered in trichs. Smell? Fruity. Kinda like strawberrys. (Pushing it) Taste? Exactly how it smells. Super smooth smoke and a super enjoyable high. Very Creative and Euphoric. Colors seemed extremely vivid. I would suggest this medicinally fo...”

  • “Starwberry Cream makes me happy, horny & sleepy. Works great for pain/nausea/insomnia. NO ANXIETY/PARANOIA (a must). Head high heavy but that's what I needed. Body high just what I needed as well. Nuff said; highly recommend for nighttime/bedtime use!”

  • “This is an amazing cross, very very calm high and it tastes just like Strawberry with a hint of Blue Dream. It seems to be best for Anxiety, Pain, Bi Polar, Insomnia. It is definitely a must try for all as it will easily climb to your top 3-5. Definitely recommend it to Noobies and Vets, enjoy this bud people it's very good! Peace.”

  • “Great strain for day time. Clear mind and energetic with antidepressant effects. Tart smell with pleasant taste. Don't pass up the opportunity to try the strawberry dream.”

  • “great strain love the taste, smell and everything about it. definitely recommend it to ANYONE”

  • “A cross between Strawberry Kush and Blue Dream. Very strong aroma of strawberries when burned. Soothing to the throat and great body high”