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Strawberry Dream Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Great Daytime strain. Smells mildly sweet and nutty with a hint of berry. Smoke is so smooth, no cough and a sweet aftertaste. Great medicating strain for depression and anxiety.”

  • “This strain makes me very uplifted and want to be around people more, actually talking to them, even online :P. You'll have slight to moderate dry mouth, but it gets really dry if you decide to party. The munchies and/or arousal don't set in until right before your plateau, and the arousal is never as vivid as the hunger; these are very chill and slow as compared to the oncoming of the high.”

  • “Starwberry Cream makes me happy, horny & sleepy. Works great for pain/nausea/insomnia. NO ANXIETY/PARANOIA (a must). Head high heavy but that's what I needed. Body high just what I needed as well. Nuff said; highly recommend for nighttime/bedtime use!”

  • “I got a super purple batch of this strain.. which i'm assuming comes from the Blue Dream. Overall look i give a 10/10 - It's super light green with patches of purple throughout. Covered in trichs. Smell? Fruity. Kinda like strawberrys. (Pushing it) Taste? Exactly how it smells. Super smooth smoke and a super enjoyable high. Very Creative and Euphoric. Colors seemed extremely vivid. I would suggest this medicinally fo...”

  • “Great strain for day time. Clear mind and energetic with antidepressant effects. Tart smell with pleasant taste. Don't pass up the opportunity to try the strawberry dream.”

  • “This is an amazing cross, very very calm high and it tastes just like Strawberry with a hint of Blue Dream. It seems to be best for Anxiety, Pain, Bi Polar, Insomnia. It is definitely a must try for all as it will easily climb to your top 3-5. Definitely recommend it to Noobies and Vets, enjoy this bud people it's very good! Peace.”

  • “By far one of the best sativa dominant hybrids out there. Smokes sweet with hints of strawberry and gum on the front end and a almost sweet pine on the exhale. Effects are strong but can still focus and get some things done. Also great in vape cartridges and edibles. Highly recommended”

  • “Strawberry Dream is an excellent strain for depression. Buds are dense and frosty with trichomes. Smells sweet with hint of fruit and citrus. Smoke is smooth and slight sweet aftertaste. Clear headed stone, Very energetic. Great medicating strain for depression and daytime use.”