Strawberry Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
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  • “Also makes you horny and uninhibited”

  • “Strain Name: Strawberry Kush Grade: A-) Must see. Type: Indica Dom. 80/20 Looks: A) Forest of orange hairs almost totaly covers those big, dense and dark green buds. Smell: A) No need to tell. You know strawberrys and probably kush too. Nice mix. Taste: B+) Smooth and sweet on inhale. Touch of lime and apricot. Little harsh on exhale, strawberry and kush comming out stonger. Effects: A-) Strong strain of kush but no...”

  • “Tingles immediately rush your face and head while your whole body not only soothingly relaxes - but feels extra GOOD! Wonderfully pleasant body high. Soft and deceivingly light because it does have weight...both mentally and physically. The ecstasy induced by this strain translates perfectly for sex! Mood is incredibly soaring, uplifting, euphoric, and happy. Although, difficult to accomplish anything because all yo...”

  • “Super kush strain my buds smell like a sweet kush aroma with deep frizzy red hairs all over. tastes really good and smokes the most I've ever had, really thick and tasty smoke but very harsh. I'd buy an ounce of this if I could but it knocks me out so quick since it's so damn sedative. buy this strain if you love kush”

  • “Migraine pain 5-6; nausea 8 when I medicated round 1830 or so. Takes bout 5-10 in to start working. Pain/nausea gone. No anxiety/paranoia (an absolute must for me). Body high allowed me to eat dinner. Head high glued me to the couch which was a-ok wit me. My day was miserable for pain/nausea before medicating. Only reason I dint go sleep was cuz my legs were restless. Not sure what's up wit that. Definitely a sleeper...”

  • “Im like a kid in a candy store today,stawberry cough and Strawberry Kush concentrates! The Strawberry Kush is beautiful and gives of oddly delicious fruity/piney smell. After hitting my rig, the taste was intensified, with a strong berry/piney kush taste that you want to keep on tasting. The effects were very balanced, untill i did 3 rips in a 20min period. I did feel couch lock setting in. Very relaxing with a non ...”

  • “A very 'precious' strain - it has a sweet, sugary aftertaste. The high is warm and gentle; no anxiety or paranoia. Overall, I feel happy, relaxed, and completely peaceful. It has creeper tendencies, which might have encouraged me to take a hit or two more than I needed, but nonetheless I do not feel anxious. Just very heavy and content.”

  • “i had Strawberry Tahoe Kush Super Trichomed Out Great for: Pain | Nausea | Stress | Insomnia | Appetite loss | Uplifting mood”