Strawberry OG Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Really buzzed, energetic, happy high. Couldn't stop laughing. Made my depression completely vanish for the first time in years. However, it made my anxiety act up and I couldn't stop moving around or twitching.”

  • “This was a really nice intensified strain for me. It's great if you want to forget your problems and eat food and go to sleep. This was one of the craziest highs I've ever had!”

  • “very tasty....sweet tarts and jet fuel!!! stoned!!”

  • “While the OG lines tend to be my favorite, this girl is a stand out!! The Bruce Banner lineage is very present, in flavor and looks. The effect is very mellowing and killed my stress levels instantly after a couple hits. Highly recommended!!”

  • “kinda like this strain. makes me kinda get the munchies and cravings for sweets. dry eye like a old perv lol”

  • “This strain is by far my favorite. Just gave such an incredible energetic high.”

  • “it has a delightful sweet taste. was able to go about my day for the most part. nice high, but the come down wiped me out. best nap ever!”

  • “This review for Cali Connection's Strawberry OG (Bruce Banner x Tahoe OG). All about the taste with this one - super piney with sweet strawberries on the nose and palate. Resinous, heavy on the lungs. Probably a 50/50; heady and stoned.”