Sugar Shack Reviews

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  • “Nice smoke, little bit piney but has a nice finish, lemony sweet. Blasted one in my bipper and sat down to dinner. My thinking was clear and elevated, my body felt good and warm. Its kind of a cross between couch glue and ambitiony where you'll make great plans to do something but also may not. Sound and high stress might wig you out in a funny (not scary) way. My smoking buddy was eating ice cream and the door sl...”

  • “This has to be my new favourite nighttime strain for sure. Has a wonderful smell, is very smooth to smoke, and the flower has an abundance of crystals making it a very fast acting high. This strain always has a great body high, sparks great conversation, and ends with an amazing sleep. The high usually makes me a little paranoid at times but usually doesn't last long and I'm back to enjoying the relaxing effects of ...”

  • “This strain did not just give me the munchies, it gave me the hunger. me and another patient smoked 2 bowls, ate 2 large pizzas, 20 chicken nuggets, 3 or 4 packages of top ramen, and doritos. if you have issues with appetite or nausea, this is the strain for you”

  • “This had a pretty nice body high. Had the "becoming one with the chair" feel to it. Burn out is rough, had to smoke a lot to stay high, because once you start coming down you get very tired. Found myself sleeping 12 hours each night I smoked this.”

  • “120 mins in and the first joint of the day, and im still (0.0).... went out to the skatepark, came back and got into making music.. great strain, looks absolutely amazing covered in white shiny happness, thick chunky nugs with some of the healthyest looking seeds i have ever seen.. Vegan status organically grown in beautiful BC. quite at treat”

  • “i receive this monthly from my grower in BC”

  • “Quite smooth; gave me a decent body buzz so some pain relief, and very calming with the high CBN content. I was able to sleep quite well. Got a nice hankering for some munchies, as well. 14.4g for $50! I've got plenty to enjoy.”

  • “Great service .... Have good meds!!! Very professional”