Sunset Sherbet Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “It smells as if heaven cracked open its Mason jars and said enjoy. fruity sweet bliss in a bud. amazing body buzz with a soaring sativa cerebral blast. one of my new favorites and hope it stays around for years to come”

  • “You are a cloud drifting through the air. Your body is so fluffy, soft, and comfortable. The light wind gradually pushes you along. You look down, overlooking the world, seeing it's beauty for the first time. You contemplate and enjoy life as a cloud. You have fun making shapes out yourself. Sometimes an ice cream cone. Sometimes a little doggy. Then, once in a while you like to bust out the good ol' penis-shape. Giv...”

  • “this shit is loudddd holy shit I'm so smacked rn. it smells so good, it literally smells like sherbet, almost a little like lucky charms too, and it's got a really nice green color. I took one hit of this off my friend's bong and was already flying lmao. definitely dope”

  • “I absolutely love this strain. It's defiantly not GSC! If you are looking for hybrid that's Indica leaning, Sunset Sherbet is a fantastic choice. Perhaps a good alternative to Blue Dream. Great for anxiety, stress and pain. This can be a night time strain but for me I like it mid day or on a bad pain day perfect wake and bake but you might want a sativa chaser on stand by. Dope strain !!!”

  • “Judging by other reviews, this strain might vary greatly depending on growing conditions. I bought this from the CBCB in Berkeley today after asking for an acceptable replacement for Berry White, which they ran out of. I am four hits in and wonderfully high. I smoke indicas so naturally taste isn't my number one concern since most of what I smoke tastes like skunks lol, but the taste of this is lovely. You will fee...”

  • “Inspection - Earthy aroma, hint of berries - Deep purple - Feathery tips - Crystals on lighter green areas - Strong citrus smell after being broken up First hit - Very heavy onset. Thoughts disappear just as they come; even writing this, I must re-read the first section to assert that what I am writing currently is comprehendible. - Does that last bit make any sense? - initial frumpy feeling. I think that’s a wor...”

  • “There's a point in this altered consciousness where all strains matter no argument there. This one we need to rename. High on "Sherm" is how this comes off after you first meet. Few minutes later you deeply satisfied with its company. Not stony or stupid. Eyelids gain like 5 pounds heavy as that is. Nice clear frontal lobe with some heightened auditory perception and an appetite for some Marvin Gay”

  • “Always been a sativa guy but this strain is amazing definitely a top 5 strain maybe top 2. This is a beautiful plant has almost all the colors of the rainbow all frosted in a thick layer of crystals. The smell is amazing and the taste is truly like nothing I've ever tasted and its really good. Very strong stoney high, very indica extremely relaxed without all the being tired.”