Sunshine #4 Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This is a beach day in a bong. I was looking for something uplifting and still able to take the edge off my pain. This was all that and then some :) Very happy and relaxed. Creative and thoughtful and filled with laughter. It is perfect!”

  • “Amazing strain, picked up an 1/8th from The Herbal Cure in Denver. Their Sunshine #4 is testing at 30.59% THC, so it's definitely a powerful strain. Plus anything that has Chem4 in it is gonna be amazing. Light green buds with a lot of light brown hairs and covered in crystals. Smells great, can't put my finger on it exactly, deff some citrusy hints. Overall very nice strain with a very nice high. Relaxing body high ...”

  • “In my top 5. No pain. Everything taste extra powerful Relaxed and about to play PS4. Awesome stain.”

  • “I tried this as an alternative to Cannatonic for my debilitating pain. it didn't touch the pain but eas energizing and uplifting. Back to the Cannatonic for some pain relief.”

  • “This strain that you think won the cup is called #4 lol. That is just wrong. The person who entered it lied about the name to avoid the fact he was given a clone he wasn't supposed to have had. Sunshine #3 people and it is straight from Detroit. That is the real story. And believe me I can find it everyday in Detroit. Good Day my phriends.”

  • “High hits really fast , feeling of euphoria, relaxation, overall happy”

  • “this hands down is one of the tastiest strains I've ever had.with a heavy medicated high that leaves you with a serious case of the I don't wannas”

  • “Amazing got mine from The Green Room on Mack,in Detroit.The shop that one the cup with the strain,and they sell it for 50$ an 1/8 it's amazing in every way”