Super Lemon OG Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This hybrid is always worth a look at! The Indica effects stand out on initial tasting. Oh does this strain clear up a bad days work! Great strain to try in flower or in vape. Both Indica and Sativa connoisseur will both enjoy this. Long lasting effects 2-3 Hrs, Clean finish Flavors: Lemon zest, Sweet Lemon Bars, Pungent Tender's notes: Dry mouth is an understatement! I had my beverage in hand . Yet my thirst wa...”

  • “Very dense nugs. Strong citrus and lemon smell. Hit incredibly smooth, tasted strong of lemon. Nice head rush soon after exhale. Overall very relaxed high, while I was stuck on my couch for an extended amount of time, I was still able to feel the sativa effects. "Functional-couchlock" is the best term I can use. Recommended for night time use, however not before bed.”

  • “Look! Up in the sky! Is it a BIRD? Is it a PLANE? No! It's your fuckin' noggin on Super Lemon O.G.! Super Lemon's super-power is getting you Monkey Balls high for hours at a time. Smoke some of this shit and you'll be running pantsless up tree trunks to flash your blue-and-red ass at the first BBC film crew to come wandering by. Oh, you laugh, but it's not so funny when the Seattle PoPo is trying to tranq-dart your a...”

  • “I got a LB of this a while back and I'll say few strains I can remember as well as this one. The aroma/taste was that of lemon candy very pleasing. The effects were heavy bodied, fuzzy/Hazey goofy high. Definitely that stoned can't remember shit, walking around in circles kind of high. A good strain for netflixing & chilling.”


  • “I just tried this strain for the first time and will be seeking it out in the future as an amazing strain for concentrates. The flavor is intense, starting of sweet and ending in a spicy lemon deisel flavor. It left me clear headed, very relaxed with a very pleasant not overwhelming body high. Definetly a new favorite.”

  • “great delicious flavor (vaped). good mix of head and body high.”

  • “I love this strain. Equal amount of sativa & indica. For me the indica and sativa highs balance out throughout my high. It made me energetic & happy. I could smoke this daily.”