Super Sour Widow Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Being a Bartender with PTSD and chronic hip/leg pain due to medical hardware, this is an amazing strain. It has a sweetly sour initial hit while finishing with a flavor of apricot. This is achieved via vaping however. The come up is slightly euphoric and quite thought invoking. I am able to then enjoy the proceeding flux of happiness that ensues while being exceedingly social and coherent. Best strain for my impe...”

  • “Very tasty wax. Clear, 'clean,' feelings. Relaxed and energized. Took care of my neck and shoulder pain. I'm ready to work now. Method-Hot nail water pipe (dabbing rig) Super Sour Widow wax; Steep Hill Labs certified 69.7% THC Magnolia Wellness Center Oakland, CA”

  • “At first I was sceptical of the potency of the Super Sour Widow due to the bud not looking as aesthetic as some of the other strains. After a couple of days however, this is definitely on the potent side, urging users to be active and relaxed. The flavour is pretty average but it goes down smoothly. I would recommend this to a friend.”

  • “Very nice strain, make you want to be very social and no anxiety, great for epilepsy!!!!!!!”

  • “Awesome for pain management and mellowed me out, had almost no anxiety. Def on the top of my list 👌”

  • “Super Sour Widow Shatter Look: Gooey and almost soupy look, when handled though it is completly stable. Never seen anything like it before. Dark amber color. Smell: A sour mix of chemmy haze n diesel with a hint of citrus and skunkyness. Taste was lead by a light sour lemon flavor with a chemmy-hazey-diesel overtone. Effects: This really had me feeling good. every dab or rip off the pen would uplift me and produce a...”

  • “This is an awesome strain. The high lasts a few hours and it's great. You get cotton mouth quite a bit. Otherwise it's great.”

  • “Uplifting, creative, calms nerves, take caution with psychoactivity, great for meditation/ activating your third-eye.”