Superglue Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “Method: Wolf-LX Vap Grind: Medium Pulls: 4-7 Rating: 4.5/5.0 Well, this was an impulse purchase. And i'm glad for it. Usually, my delivery service has a rounded selection of good kind. Its pretty consistent. And every so often, they carry some new stuff that I haven't come across to sample. Today was one of those days. And Super Glue was the mismatched sock that stood out. I mean the name sounds powerful. But I've b...”

  • “my favorite always works never lets me down (I'm really picky about my meds. I admit it, I am a snob about meds. This is a cure all for whatever ails me.”

  • “By far, my all time favorite. The 'Glue' always works. Never lets me down. Sometimes it takes a bit 4 my body to adjust to a new strain. Never with this. Superlative. The bomb. Can't live without. Are just a few things that come to mind with the Glue. I cannot recommend this strain highly enough. It's dynamite. If it's possible to be 'in love' with a plant, well, count me in.”

  • “Amazing strain, almost instantaneous high, makes me feel great, probably my favourite”

  • “This high was instant, great, and long lasting. My husband and I love smoking this and going on strolls through Berkeley. This is a relaxing, euphoric, and humorous strain. Everything rolls off the shoulders, leaving the user feeling relaxed, but not sleepy. This is one of my new favorite strains. It is testing at 28% at the CBCB in Berkeley as of 2/17”

  • “I have not had the super glue from Seedism but here in California we have a super glue from King klones. Photos look similar but King klones is a cross of gorilla glue #4 and gelato I believe. Anyways amazing smell / taste / look and the effects are jaw dropping, Literally... Throw on a movie or some music because you are about to have a blast”

  • “Glue to 💺”

  • “awesome smoke, great at night and definitely great for sporting events (as a fan) lol”