Supernova Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This plant is awesome and the best sleep aid I have ever used. I grow it every year with a few other strains and I always seem to stick to my Nova. Great pain relief.”

  • “One of my favorite strains. My go to for pain relief, especially neck and back. Puts me right to sleep.”

  • “Supernova is a fire sativa dominant good for a mid day smoke or if you have a heavy tolerance this would be a perfect wake n bake strain it has a nice Citrusy tropical aroma but it tastes spicy it kind of reminds me of Super Lemon Haze because it smells sweet and zesty but the flavor has a nice spicy Haze thing going on with it , the effects come on pretty much right away with a nice uplifting buzz but its also cal...”

  • “pretty good and one of my favorite. This kind is like ppp, pretty funny, slowmotion effect and got a lot of munchies hehe”

  • “Supernova, also called Chronic, is a 50/50 % strain and has a sweet taste, and looks with long orange hairs and big buds; its affects are ideal to chilling out with friends or for movies and video games.”

  • “highly recommend for advanced stoners”

  • “Excellent evening strain for pain and PTSD symptoms. I had the opportunity to try a variety from Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds (dot com), and wow - talk about strong! This stuff is the strongest pain medication I've tried (within the cannabis realm). It's not for daytime use as it will knock you on your ass. I did notice it made my eyes a little dryer than most, but otherwise an excellent strain!”

  • “Never find this kind before and I need to tell you its now one of my favorite, I was focused on everything I see and I was analysing everything I heard, pretty nice and fun for a bus ride hehe !”