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Sweet Berry Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Pretty good bud. Pleasantly unique. Can taste a hint of berries when smoking it.”

  • “Wonderful sour citrusy berry smell. Very euphoric head high with some nice relaxation added. Careful before smoking too much. After having 5-6 bong hits I felt quite out of it and a little slow. Great feeling but not great for having conversation. Having said that, if you want to chill out while still being able to be social, a quick personal bowl does wonders. Doesn't make you too tired or out of it, wonderful relax...”

  • “Light green, big calyx... smooth fruity smoke, 60/40 sativa dom... good times”

  • “Holy crap, this strain..*read full review* This strain can be great IF used correctly. The key is to let yourself relax. I've smoked high THC content and been fine, but I ate this in an edible and this is what my review is for. This strain worked well for me but only in a small amount. It made my mind flow with creating art because I started seeing things, but I was also able to fall asleep for over 6 hours with no p...”

  • “This is a really great strain. Smoked a bowl and felt really good. Mostly a head high with a slight body feel to it. Not too much, just enough to let you know it's there. Was able to have a productive day after smoking this.”

  • “i think its guuud! fuxin amaxing dog this will get you high as sheet. i feel like a rainbow of Ieuphori is cycling through my body and head . XD”